COST: The 4-Letter Word!

Lets face it, we all have experienced sticker shock. The moment when someone tells you the cost of something and your mouth about hits the floor. It even happens to our customers at times when we will tell them the cost it may take to produce their sign. Though many times our customers don't understand what is involved to create quality products, let me also challenge your thinking.

Though cost is almost always certainly a factor, how many times do we consider VALUE and WORTH. The 5-letter words that actually make us feel good inside. The ones that comfort us in knowing that we got a good deal. I almost always urge customers not to take the cheapest route possible just for the sake of taking the cheapest route possible. Because deep down we all know that the cheapest route possible is usually going to cost us more in the end.

There is one promise that I can make to you, and that is that our goal is always to be fair. To provide you, our customer, with a great product at a fair price. As business people we all know that we would surely spend $1 to in return acquire $2. And our goal is that our work will bring you, our customer,  a return of your investment that will be well worth the money you spend with us. 

All-New DGI Creative Website!!

DGI Creative has stepped up the game, and brought a brand new website to the table for you guys!

Done completely in-house, this new site is completely optimized for your mobile viewing, up to date with our latest news, fully responsive, and completely interactive with social media, all in one easy spot for you guys!

This new site also features pages on the history of DGI, The Team behind the products you receive, and your guys testimonials "Why I DGI". (Submit one if you haven't already)

Make sure to check it all out!!

New WiFi-Technology at DGI!

With technology improving so quickly and efficiently, many things go unnoticed, however DGI is on top of the game to supply you with the best!

Now, introducing WiFi Controlled LED Signs, controlled from your personal smart phone with full functionality!

Check out the video! If you would like to know more, or want to see the demo live, contact us. Grace Fellowship of York will be introducing this technology to their sign in the coming month. Make sure to keep an eye out for inside look videos and the finished product!!