For a Limited time only!


From now until the end of March (03/31/2014) DGI will be offering a discount on all Lightweight Sweatshirts, Zip-Ups, & Hoodies (8.5 oz and under). 

With Spring just around the corner, and the unpredictable weather it brings to us, what better time than now to get yourself and your company some personalized lightweight items.

Don't miss your chance! Order today:

Mention code: SPRING2014 

Have a Company Vehicle? Wrap It!

There is nothing more effective advertising wise, than a wrapped vehicle or trailer. With the cost of billboards and ad spots today, vehicle wraps are not only a better investment, but they protect your vehicle, and can be changed easier than paint.

From start to finish DGI cares for your vehicle like it's our own. Not only is your company's name on the line, but ours' is also.

Contact DGI today to see what we can do for you!

Mini-Promos for Your Business!

Is your business struggling in the advertisement and marketing department? 

Have you noticed clients and potential customers are not attending to your company as much as before? 

We have a solution for you! 

The attention span for you to grab a client's attention anymore is just 3 seconds!! The most proven advertisement today is the 15 second short video ad.

DGI now offers these short videos for your benefit. Post them on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Websites & more.

Check out the one above for the THRIVE Youth Conference for Harvest Chapel, and if your interested make sure to contact DGI for your personal business short.