DGI's New Additions!

DGI has recently taken the time to wrap not one, but two of our vehicles!

The Jeep & Scion are the new faces to DGI and it's advertising militia. These vehicles are sure to stick out and grab the attention of those passing by. Both wrapped in a simple but effective manner, abstract camo for the Jeep, and digital camo for the Scion.

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 10.24.34 AM.png

We decided to matte out the Jeep, while adding reflective DGI logos in multiple places.
We also added a 50" LED light bar across the top of the Jeep, just in case...

The Scion is white gloss camo, with matte black camo accents, and covered in DGI's logo.
After all, we are trying to bring awareness.

Make sure to check out these vehicles, and if you see us on the road, give us a friendly honk!

Simple Upgrades, Make A Difference!


Alliance Garage Door, Inc. recently came to DGI for a little face lift. 

They had an old panel sign which didn't fit their advertising and marketing needs anymore. So DGI began the process of working on some minor changes for them. After going through the proofing and design process, we came to a conclusion of which combination and layout looked best. 

As you can see above, multiple things have changed, but the feel of the company remained the same. Also the only thing replaced was the panels themselves. 

A successful, cost-effective upgrade to the company. 

Contact DGI today, to see what we can do for you!

DGI Customer Appreciation Month!

Back in April, DGI had launched a contest on Facebook for DGI Customer Appreciation Month. The requirements were to share a promo photo that DGI had posted before May, thus entering you and your business into a drawing. The drawing would award the winner a dozen free shirts for their company and DGI would honor them by wearing their company's shirts every Wednesday in May.

We're pleased to announce the winner of the contest was,

Kelly BaldwinThe Courage House.

Thank you everyone for participating. We appreciate all of our customers, because without you guys, there would be no DGI.

Keep your eyes open for more DGI contests for your chances to win!