Thank You All For 2014!

If you haven't seen our year in review video already make sure to check it out! 

And as always DGI thanks each and every one of you for your continued support and dedication as a client. With out you guys we couldn't do what we do!

Here's to a successful 2014, and off to a great 2015!

A Great Logo is Great for Business!

-Does your business have a great logo?
-Are you happy with your current logo?
-Does it create an emotion that is appropriate to the market you are trying to reach?
-Is it a staple in the sector of business it is in?

Maybe these all sound like silly questions to you or perhaps they make perfect sense. Either way, the importance of having a great logo is all too often overlooked in small business today.

I can't count how many times I have heard, "So an so has photoshop, they are a graphic designer and they are going to create me a logo for free"

Listen, I'm not hear to kill the aspirations of those people, but we all know that anything too good to be true usually is. And more often than not, those people will be learning at your expense. Or at least at the expense of the image of your business.

While yes, anyone can download a free trial of photoshop these days and begin to create images on a screen that never existed before. (And its fun!!!) But you must ask yourself, do they do it on a daily basis for a multitude of businesses that are seen every day? Do they understand how a logo will reproduce on a variety of mediums? Including screen printing, embroidery, store front signage, and vehicle advertisement.

Many times an amateur will create a logo that looks (OK) on a computer screen but as soon as you go to produce it into viable products it no longer works across all mediums.

Fact is, having a poorly produced logo is like building a house on shaky ground. Everything begins to shift around it. Meanwhile, what you want is solidity, and consistency. You want something that not only looks great on a computer monitor, but also on your vehicles, business cards, apparel, and any type of signage you may be using.

You want to create an AWESOME brand!
-Something people love to be part of
-Have a trusted sense of value in
-And become meaningful in their lives

This all starts with a great logo.

Some of the key elements that we believe make a great logo are as followed.

Simplicity- A good logo should be simplistic in its' form so that it can be easily displayed on a variety of mediums. Whether that be on your vehicle advertisement, the company apparel that you wear, or your on premise signs for your building.

Memorable- While being simple is important being memorable is just as. You want something that will remain in customers and potential customers mind the moment they see it. Human nature is that if something is too complicated or hard to understand we typically don't take the time to bother and are off to the next piece of content vying for our attention. You want to make a sudden impact.

Meaningful- Wether it is communicated upon first sight, or something that requires thought, your logo should have meaning. A story behind it. A sense of being. It should in some way communicate the personality of the business, and create an emotional response.

Purpose- Your logo should build customer loyalty, it should be something that your customers are proud to be a part of, proud to exploit. It is a 24/7 sales rep of your business. Any time your logo is being displayed it should be reminding people of you. Even if that is something as simple as a business card left on a counter.

Timeless- You don't want your logo to be part of todays "coolest" trend. Because trends come and go with time. So you don't want a logo thats great for todays crown but outdated for tomorrows. You want to stand the test of time. Becoming a staple in your audiences memory.

If you haven't done so yet, check out our extensive logo portfolio to see some of the local businesses we have helped create memorable logos for. And if it's something you are thinking about pursuing, give us a call and we would be glad to sit down with you and see what we could do to arrive at an outstanding company logo for you!

Ramping Up Embroidery Production

This year DGI is moving forward in production by ramping up our embroidery process. To close out the 2014 year we purchased software giving us the capability to digitize and produce beautiful embroidery products in-house.

With this DGI is also purchasing a new embroidery machine which will allow us to multiply production and produce even better sew outs!

Now is the time to contact DGI to get your custom embroidered products for your companies. You won't regret it!