Weston started DGI in his parents basement at the age of 24, after being exposed to the sign industry while working for a company that created painted sign blanks but no graphics. Weston had a desire to create the graphics for signs but no opportunity to do so at his current position. With that desire to create graphics, DGI (Digital Graphic Imaging) was born. Learning the trade from the ground up, Weston has grown into a well rounded creative. From being able to envision and design logos and graphics, Weston also knows the ins and outs of producing and installing them too. Weston's roll today is to grow DGI and help everyone who is a part to grow as well.



Dylan graduated from Mansfield University of Pennsylvania in 2015 and joined the DGI team in 2016. He began designing professionally in 2012 and has worked to further his skills as a graphic designer and illustrator. Dylan takes pride in his work here at DGI as he works to build brands and create things that have never existed before.



Bill has worked in construction as a plumber and pipe fitter for 15 years. During that time he became a welder, and received his certification through Earl Beck Welding that is located in Baltimore, MD. Bill's background has given him insight into the other trades of construction, which helps with the wide variety of work we do here at DGI. He has been helping behind the scenes for the past year and a half, and has finally accepted a full-time position here at DGI as our newest team member. His focus since joining our team has been sign fabrication and installation as well as application of vinyl designs to multiple substrates. Bill's experience has been an invaluable addition to the growing vision for DGI Creative. 



Born and raised in Baltimore County Maryland, Sherry became a Radio-logic Technologist at University of Maryland. Then she went on to work at Union Memorial Hospital. She has received multiple certifications for office essentials. She received her teaching degree where she taught in Private Christian Schools for 12 years. Recently she has worked as an optical assistant/insurance biller in Hanover. Here at DGI Sherry contributes to the team by managing the everyday operations in a way that allows us to expand our customer relations. 



Mike has been an experienced screen printer for over eight years in the industry. During that time he has printed apparel for major events including the Duke City Marathon in Albuquerque,  New Mexico as well as the Wine Fest in Corning, New York. While being a top-notch printer, Mike is also an accomplished illustrator and graduate of the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art in New Jersey. He has illustrated for a number of publications across the US, and many of his original drawings have made it onto customer garments.Of course, Mike is not limited to simply printing on textiles. Other specialty products that he can embellish include signs, bags, boxes, ledgers, and others. He is also knowledgeable in a wide range of specialty inks and techniques. He has successfully implemented the use of vinyl, enamel, water-based, and discharge inks in his career. Mike has two major goals at DGI Creative; One is to manufacture the best possible, and most appealing, product for our customers. The other is to see DGI Creative grow and expand into new and exciting areas including multiple locations and industrial innovation.



Arturo began embroidery in 2002. At the time he lived in Mexico and worked from a low position to eventually become a coordinator of designs and one of the top embroidery designers in Mexico City. Arturo moved to the U.S. in 2015 and began working for DGI as head embroiderer in 2016. It is estimated that Arturo has embroidered and organized around 1 million products and designs.

"Every design is an opportunity to leave a mark of who you are and that is what you do, what I do is give top quality designs in everything you can apply an excellent embroidery so that each brand can look like the best in the world" - Arturo