Recently A Taste of Bourbon, located in Hanover, PA, approached us about a rebranding project.
They knew that they wanted to update the name to "Bourbon Bar & Grill" and with that between our 3 in-house designers we started with individual logo concepts for them. Out of the 4 concepts done, it was a hands down decision for Owner, Chuck Messersmith, on which design he liked.

Upon that approval we developed some new apparel in the form of some screen printed t-shirts. We used a discharge based white ink on a black t-shirt. Discharge printing is an exciting new style of printing that we have introduced to our workflow. It allows the imprint color to be dyed into the garment rather than laying ink on top. Benefits to this stye of printing include the super soft feel as well as the life of the printing. It will last as long as the shirt itself as well as never crack or fade.

We also updated the panel sign located on the road front. On this we used a creative use of space for the logo in which we stretch the text as wide as possible for best visability while clipping the top and bottom graphic parts of the logo. The completion of the sign makes for a stunning visual statement, demanding your attention as you drive down the road.

Lastly, we executed a huge wall mural of the logo on the recently painted brick wall on the front of the building. For this we used a high performance vinyl that is rated for use with masonry. The total wall project reached 21 feet across and almost 12 feet high. With the use of some spot lighting the results are KILLER!

This project was a perfect example of how many different mediums we can really help the customer execute. Not only with style but expertise too.