Learn the story behind DGI

DGI all started with desire. The desire to do something, build something, make something from nothing. DGI began as a one man operation in his parents basement as Weston Caple purchased a Roland SP-540V large format printer, and began dabbling with Adobe Illustrator to make digitally printed vinyl signs for people.

From that arose passion. A passion to not only print vinyl signs and make a couple bucks, but to also do it well. Always striving for excellence, not to make our work good enough, but rather to make it exceptional. And make graphics and signage that are visually appealing, and set apart from mediocre design. 

Finally came understanding. An understanding of the industry and of people. How to create great work and how to do it efficiently. Work that people not only admire but also understand. And how to build a great team by surrounding himself with people that compliment his weaknesses. To build a well rounded versatile creative workhouse that together feel there is nothing that they can't accomplish.