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We believe everything is a sign


What does that mean exactly?

Well Merriam-Webster defines SIGN as

1sign noun \ˈsīn\

: a piece of paper, wood, etc., with words or pictures on it that gives information about something

: something (such as an action or event) which shows that something else exists, is true, or will happen

: a motion, action, or movement that you use to express a thought, command, or wish


So essentially everything you surround yourself with on a daily basis and everything you do, whether that be the apparel you wear, the sign on your building, the vehicle you pull up to a job site in, and even the logo you've come up with, is speaking of yourself and your business to other people, your potential customers. YOU DON'T WANT TO BE SENDING THE WRONG MESSAGE!

We pride ourselves in building on a good foundation. That foundation in our world is design. 

Design is the language we speak and our goal is either to work with a customer from the ground up, or start with them where they are at if we believe their foundation is one that can be built upon.

As experts in Adobe's Creative Suite to create admirable graphics for your logo, signs, vehicle graphics, and even your apparel. We then send that artwork to our in house production team. Whether that be full-scale digitally printed graphics off of our new 64" Roland 640, or to our screen printing department to be printed on our 6-color Riley Hopkins Press, sewn out on our SWF Embroidery Machines, or to be fabricated by skilled craftsmanship to create impressive finished products.

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January 2015 Newsletter

If you haven't seen our year in review video already make sure to check it out! 

And as always DGI thanks each and every one of you for your continued support and dedication as a client. With out you guys we couldn't do what we do!

Here's to a successful 2014, and off to a great 2015!


     "My company has been working with DGI now for about 6 years. From the first order to the most recent one Wes has taken his time to set down with me and find out exactly what I want. We have ordered everything from... Read More


— Josh Austin,
Mark Austin Building & Remodeling Inc.

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