Logo Design is one of the most important elements to an overall branding process. It is the foundation of all your other business identity, including colors, emotion, and perception. Not having a logo is like not having a face. Having a good logo is essential to an overall nice appearance. You want to look professional!

Some of the key elements that we believe make a great logo are as followed.

Simplicity- A good logo should be simplistic in its' form so that it can be easily displayed on a variety of mediums. Whether that be on your vehicle advertisement, the company apparel that you wear, or your on premise signs for your building.

Memorable- While being simple is important being memorable is just as. You want something that will remain in customers and potential customers mind the moment they see it. Human nature is that if something is too complicated or hard to understand we typically don't take the time to bother and are off to the next piece of content vying for our attention. You want to make a sudden impact.

Meaningful- Wether it is communicated upon first sight, or something that needs a bit of explanation, your logo should have meaning. A story behind it. It should in some way communicate the personality of the business, and create an emotional response.

Purpose- Your logo should build customer loyalty, it should be something that your customers are proud to be a part of, proud to exploit. It is a 24/7 sales rep of your business. Any time your logo is being displayed it should be reminding people of you. Even if that is something as simple as a business card left on a counter.

Take a look at our extensive logo portfolio below!