DGI all started with desire. The desire to do something, build something, make something from nothing. DGI began as a one man operation in his parents basement as Weston Caple purchased a Roland SP-540V large format printer, and began dabbling with Adobe Illustrator to make digitally printed vinyl signs for people.

From that arose passion. A passion to not only print vinyl signs and make a couple bucks, but to also do it well. Always striving for excellence, not to make our work good enough, but rather to make it exceptional. And make graphics and signage that are visually appealing, and set apart from mediocre design. 

Finally came understanding. An understanding of the industry and of people. How to create great work and how to do it efficiently. Work that people not only admire but also understand. And how to build a great team by surrounding himself with people that compliment his weaknesses. To build a well rounded versatile creative workhouse that together feel there is nothing that they can't accomplish.



Our mission at DGI is to serve people. Serve them with outstanding product. And the way we do that is to first learn the customer, and then teach the customer. What that means exactly is to find the perfect fit for what it is the customer is looking for. What they need to become successful in the goal that they are trying to achieve through us. Not to just find them the cheapest possible way to get a project out the door, but rather something they will also be happy with as time goes by. The perfect balance between cost and quality. To give the customer a great product at a fair price.


-Look, we know you can get it cheaper online.

But the truth is, how much are you really saving? And when you end up with a product that is not what you expected, who do you even go to? No one.

-We want to know you, and want you to know us.

We want to know what it is you need before you even have to ask us for it. We want to make creative suggestion into your needs so you don't have to learn through your mistakes.

Our desire is at the end of the day we pass by the part of your business that we had our hands on and say “WOW!”


A person can make a logo on their own or have a friend create one for free. But if that logo does not work across all mediums of advertisement and create a nice, clean, professional look, then unfortunately you could be taking the risk of losing customers and their sales.

Many sign companies can build a well made sign, but if that sign doesn't look good, it won't make a lasting impression on your potential customers.

Many screen printing shops can screen print or embroider apparel very well, but if that apparel does not have nice placement and appropriate proportioning, it can become ridiculous looking very quickly, regardless of how well it was made.

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Hear from our clients why they use DGI, and how we stand apart from the rest of the competition!


     "We have recently rebranded and are SO incredibly happy with DGI's work. They are extremely talented, creative, and a pleasure to work with. Our new logo looks great and we have had so much positive feedback from our customers, and new customers! Can't thank DGI enough!"

The Mill

     "My company has been working with DGI now for about 6 years. From the first order to the most recent one Wes has taken his time to set down with me and find out exactly what I want. We have ordered everything from t-shirts to brochures and just about everything in-between. I highly recommend DGI Creative for any promotional apparel or signage."


— Josh Austin,
Mark Austin Building
& Remodeling Inc.

     "DGI has performed work for 3 of our companies and they have done an exceptional job. We have ordered everything from T-shirts to $30,000 signs all of which were done with excpetional care and diligence. Whether small or large projects this company has you covered. They even put up a sign for a retail business I own at 10pm in 22 degree weather so I could open my store. They are hands down exceptional with customer service. I highly reccommend working with DGI for your next project."

Profile Picture (Michael).jpg

— Michael Burkentine,
Burkentine & Sons Builders Inc., Pink Spoon Frozen Yogurt, Genova's Restaurant

     "DGI Creative recently did a banner, tshirts, and decals for an event we held and we feel they went over and above with the design and the turn around time was exceptional. We would recommend them and will definitely be using their services next year if not before."

— Jerry & Cathy Dotson,
Creation House 5k Run

     "These guy are amazing! My Wife & I wanted to make a T-shirt for a fundraiser so we went to West, and talked to him about what we wanted. He emailed us back a few days later with a design that he had mocked up, and it was off the hook! We were very impressed with the creativity that they guys can tap into. We proceeded to place the order, and the shirts were done faster then we had anticipated and they looked great! We have nothing but good to say about the guys at DGI."

— Kenny & Emalee Martz


     "Awesome work and awesome people! Very helpful and creative. You can't go wrong with DGI!"



— Kelly Bair

     "Great service, competitive prices, I highly recommend DGI Creative for all your t-shirt, sticker, and sign needs!"

Blake Taylor,
T7 Suspension

     "DGI has always provided me with quality products! Weston Caple is easy to work with and is a business man that can be trusted. I have always received exactly what was ordered and have never experienced a problem. My experience is that DGI goes above and beyond what other businesses provide when it comes to customer satisfaction. I will continue to order products from DGI and encourage others to do the same."

— Eric Sieble,
Hayshire Elementary

     "DGI Creative has done work for both my school and me personally. They do excellent work at a competitive price. They work to get the project "perfect" for your needs. I would highly recommend DGI Creative to you."

— Dawn Zumbrum,
Adams County Christian Academy


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